Английская пунктуация с тестами и упражнениями

АвторНиколь Ирвинг
ИздательствоАСТ (произведено в России)
Год издания2002
ПереплетМягкая обложка
Формат60х90/8 (220х290 мм, энциклопедический)
Вес90 г
Описание How good is your punctuation? If you confuse commas with colons, and have trouble with apostrophes, this is the book for you. Clear and simple explanations unravel the rules and regulations of English punctuation - as well as all those frustrating exceptions - with special emphasis given to those tricky language problems that people often find difficult.Entertaining puzzles and quizzes enable you to test yourself on what you have learned, and to check your progress.

К сожалению данный товар еще никто не выставил на продажу

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